Pinnacle Restaurant & Catering Management operate in the UAE and specialize in casual dining within the food and beverage industry (F&B). From 2011, Pinnacle operations have shared one mandate:

to deliver exquisite cuisine, which gains inspiration from our unique cultural backgrounds and passion for food in highly elegant settings.

Specializing in casual dining with Lebanese cuisine Leila Mirdif City Centre became the first franchise and project in December 2011 for the management company.

Leila’s homely ambience and dishes that fuse the traditional authentic tastes of Lebanese cuisine with a unique modern touch became a winning formula.

Through the continued success, one year later Pinnacle spread the reach by opening Leila Clarens in the hub, that is Downtown Dubai. The mix of analysis, strategy, excellent food and superior service in these prime locations has cemented the success of Leila in the UAE.

The demand for great quality, Lebanese cuisine and excellent value became the concept for Pinnacle as we embarked on the opening of KRIS KROS Lebanon in August 2015. Guided by our thirst for a true glimpse of Beirut in Dubai KRIS KROS Lebanon brings the very best in taste and culture of the Lebanese food. With a menu evoking the essence of the Mediterranean, KRIS KROS Lebanon is another go-to destination from Pinnacle for street food dining.

Pinnacle’s core values and detailed knowledge of the UAE marketplace has allowed progressive success and expansion. As a dynamic restaurant and catering company Pinnacle bridge the gap into ‘lifestyle’ by embodying the values and aspirations of our guests and the cultural authenticity of our offerings.

Through careful due diligence and diversification Pinnacle merged into an untapped part of the F&B Industry. This platform continues to allow Pinnacle to reinforce and supplement a unique lifestyle offer in both food and experience for casual dining.

Pinnacle will expand in the region through franchising and future community involvement. To fulfill these ambitions Pinnacle are investing in the outlets, revolutionizing operations and growing in key strategic markets with Dubai and Sharjah.